Previous Issues of Tauhere | Connections 

Issue 1: May 2016 - Hāngaitanga | Relevance

The pieces in this inaugural issue cover a diverse range of subjects relating to our overarching theme, Hāngaitanga | Relevance, which is also a focus of the Museums Australasia 2016 Conference.

Each piece approaches the relevance of museums in a unique way, with discussions around the following: collection care in the wake of the Canterbury earthquakes, major developments in a regional museum context, researching an object’s backstory, the challenges of curation in an unfamiliar subject area, an exploration of tikanga Māori in a museum context, comparing and contrasting ‘art speak’ at two very different exhibitions and a look at potential concerns surrounding the collection of data from museum visitors. 

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Issue 2: December 2016 Whaiwhakaaro | Reflections 

Our sector has many exciting moments to look back on this year. That includes, of course, the inaugural Museums Australasia conference held in Auckland in May, at which the Emerging Museum Professionals (EMP) group played a key role. During the conference, we were pleased to launch this journal, inviting early and mid-career GLAM sector professionals to share their thoughts, insights, research and practical experiences. The quality of writing we have received is commendably high, and reflects the passion and solid knowledge base of EMPs around Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond.  

This issue includes reflections on the following: museums’ relationships with the principle of sustainability; the impact of institutional behaviour on visitors; the blurred line between museumgoer and non-museumgoer; representation of migrant and refugee communities in museums; photographic curation at home and away; effective and humanising storytelling; community co-creation in a museum setting; and the ethics, successes and challenges of a significant and long-term digitisation project. 

Read the first issue by clicking the download button below or click each name to read individual contributions.

  • Editorial - Tamara Patten and Rebecca Keenan

  • Good, Sustainable Conservation: Aligning Museums with a Broader Definition of Sustainability - Lotte Kellaway

  • Choosing a Uniform: Institutional Behaviour and Community Perception - Sasha Greig

  • Personal Memories to Community Records: The Swainson/Woods Digitisation Project - Chanelle Carrick

  • To Exhibit or Not: An Exploration of Photographic Exhibitions in the Museum - Loren Baxter

  • Scientific Documentation to Subjective Image and back again: Understanding, Interpreting and Reclaiming Photographs at Te Papa - Nicola Caldwell

  • Museums Within - Meryl Richards

  • Curatorial Practice and the Representation of Migrant and Refugee Communities at the Museums of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa - Louisa Hormann

  • Community Co-creation of Exhibitions within a Museum Setting - Alexandra Rogers and Jenny Rock

  • Ötzi: Ice Man, Rock Star! South Tyrol Museum of Archeology (Bolzano, Italy) - Zoe Roland (Please note: this piece includes an image of human remains)

Issue 3: December 2017 Whaiwhāitanga | Inclusion 

Issue 3 of Tauhere | Connections mirrors the theme of the Museums Aotearoa conference this year: inclusion. This issue acknowledges both the exclusion present in our sector, as well as some of the initiatives and ideas that could bridge these gaps. Tauhere too, bridges a gap, by including the voice of emerging museum professionals in the GLAM sector.

This issue has a range of content, from assertive and challenging, to sincerely empathetic, positive and hopeful. There is a summary of the Museums Aotearoa conference He Waka Eke Noa: Museums of Inclusion, an article about the current state of our disability access in Aotearoa museums, and a discussion around the diversity of the people who are not only visiting, but working in our sector. We follow with some case studies, about welcoming the Deaf World into our sector, and the use of a Simple English Guide, developed by Museum and Heritage Studies students.

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Issue 4: October 2018 Takohanga | Responsibility


Issue 4 of Tauhere | Connections tackles the theme of Takohanga | Responsibility in museums and galleries around New Zealand. It looks at the challenges of responsibility, explores who and what we are responsible to, and discusses how responsibility has been used in specific institutions around Aotearoa.

This issue takes a new direction, in both content, format and contributor. Included in this issue are interviews, manifestos, cartoons, essays, tweets, a review of the Museums Aotearoa conference ‘Outside Insights’, and even a published informal chat. While the majority of our contributors remain emerging museum professionals, we have also included more seasoned museum professionals, artists, librarians, and others that work in and out of the GLAM sector. We hope that Issue 4 has something for everyone.